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leed platinum

LEED provides a globally recognized and comprehensive ecological construction framework. In our PLATINUM@BCN project, we have implemented best practices to prioritize the efficiency of our buildings, thereby reducing operating costs, increasing their value, and ensuring the productivity, comfort, health, and well-being of their occupants.

LEED Benefits

Protection of ecosystems and biodiversity.
Reduction of CO2 emissions.
Energy and water efficiency.
Reduction of solid waste.
Use of green materials.
Improved acoustic, thermal, and atmospheric environments.
Increased well-being and comfort of occupants.
Contribution to a better overall quality of life.
Improved productivity and employee satisfaction.
Reduced operating costs.
Increased asset value.
Optimized efficiency and performance of systems.
Reduced need for car use.

leed platinum:

sustainability, by conviction

PLATINUM@BCN, it is the world reference in energy efficiency and sustainable architecture. Accredited with the highest distinction in sustainability granted by the prestigious institution USGBC (US Green Building Council).

Our LEED PLATINUM value represents leadership and proves that our PLATINUM@BCN project has been designed, built and operates on the highest standards of quality, sustainability and efficiency.

We provide a comprehensive framework of ecological construction projects and incorporate the implementation of management practices to prioritize efficiency, and sustainability criteria, based on three axes of action: economic, ecological and social.

  • Economic axis, aimed at reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.
  • Ecological axis, actions aimed at lessening the environmental impact.
  • Social axis addresses the interior environmental quality and comfort of its occupants.

Being LEED PLATINUM is not an option, it is a matter of conviction. A commitment to a sustainable future.

Sustainable Sites 0
Water Efficiency 0
Energy & Atmosphere Efficiency 0
Materials & Resources 0
Indoor Environmental Quality 0
Innovation in Design 0
Regional Priority 0

101 / 110

Leed Platinum Rating


Energy Savings


Savings on Water Consumption

17’20% provided by renewable energy

722 Photovoltaic Solar Panels.

180’50 KWp  Total installed power.

use of renewable energy sources

100% of the building’s electricity consumption comes from renewable energy.

efficient facilities

High-efficiency production system. Dystriclima.

Free-cooling and heat recovery.

Low power LED lighting.

Measurement and verification to ensure proper operation.

Use of low environmental impact refrigerants.

efficient building envelope design

High degree of insulation in the thermal envelope.

Well-sealed to the infiltration of air.

This results in reduced demand for heating and cooling.

indoor environmental quality. comfort

Control of the primary air quality and CO2 of the space

100% volatile low emissive organic compounds in VOC and formaldehyde.

Thermal and light comfort. Designed by studying charges and lighting. Controls available to users.

97’00% of occupied space has access to quality views and natural light.

quality of outdoor spaces. biophilia

2,745 m² of accessible outdoor space.

1.390 m² of green space.


Water-efficient taps and toilets.

Reuse of water.

Low consumption of irrigation water.

location and environment

14 electric vehicle chargers.

196 racks bike racks.

Access to public transport with 432 daily services.

Proximity to services such as schools, pharmacies, supermarkets, restaurants, fitness centres, shops, etc.